Let us treat people well.

Treat them as if they were real.

Usually they are.

Human Resources in Perspective

Welcome to our World –

and what we believe will be an inspiring tour!

"What lies beyond us and what lies before us

are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."


ProForm HR Solutions is the brainchild of Erica Myburgh, owner of Erica Myburgh & Associates - an elite Human Resources service provider streamlined to take HR solutions to another level. Our consultants have extensive experience in providing a professional service to small, medium and large enterprises in most industries. Through personal individual attention and a vision for delivering results with a difference, our principal focus is on creating resilient HR solutions in select areas of business. We leave no stone unturned and our bottom line results are quick, measurable and sustainable.


Our niche is our market footprint and our team has a distinct style of approach: In exploring the unique challenges each of our clients face, we pinpoint client-specific needs and create customised solutions to meet those exact requirements. In the final analysis, our objective is to add value to our clients' business and to make a difference where it really counts. That's what gives both our clients and our company the competitive edge!


Would you like a vivid snapshot of the unique qualities your employees need for success? Our specialists are really good at depicting competencies and characteristics, abilities and aptitude, knowledge and skills - not to mention personality and behaviour, simulations and situation dynamics. And that's just the beginning of the corporate voyage!


If it's innovative consulting you're seeking to add value to your Human Resources world, ProForm is the ship to sail. We don't do cruise liners, but we do make the most important things important. In a word, we are devoted to delivering service excellence and optimal results. We thrive on business challenges and look forward to bringing our professional proficiency to the table.


Developing people is both a fine art and an exact science.




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