Assessment Methodology

 Competency Profiling and Assessment

Erica Myburgh

In view of the demand for Competency Profiling and Assessment in the business world, Erica Myburgh & Associates have developed a unique Competency-based Assessment Model with an innovative approach and multi-facet methodology. Designed specially for the South African milieu, our Assessment Model, ProForm, is applicable, pragmatic and progressive. As our focus is on valid applications and reliable results, we incorporate consistency, transparency and equity in all our programmes. Our cutting edge instruments are comprehensive and credible and assessments are administered by qualified and  experienced professionals who deliver excellence at all times.

Besides adding significant value to the Selection process, other HR applications also benefit by our Model, such as skills development, performance management, team building, change management, talent management, etc. Our unique methodology with its multi-dimensional initiatives are composed of a composite of strategically developed assessment measures designed to meet specific needs of the organisation, team as well as individual. In order to  generate substantial and accurate results, our experts administer a carefully selected battery of instruments in alignment with detailed job profiles and competency blueprints.

Competency Profiling and Assessment Model is two-fold and can generate both qualitative and quantitative results. First, a thorough Qualitative Analysis ensures that results are personalised and that an individual’s competence is portrayed by narrative, interpreted reports. Second, a scientific Quantitative Analysis ensures that specific job-related competencies are measured and translated into quantifiable results. Ultimately, our assessment reports are comprehensive, yet easy to interpret. Our Model not only generates extensive applications and in-depth information, it also simplifies informed decision-making and enables client companies to repeat assessments with sophisticated, valid and reliable instruments.

Professionalism and personal attention is key to our business. Assessment Workshops are professionally managed by qualified practitioners who facilitate individuals or groups, the latter being more time- and cost effective. In addition to assessments, we promote capacity building and integrate special techniques to provide insight to clients and knowledge to participants, during as well as after Assessment Workshops. In a word, Erica Myburgh & Associates have taken Assessment to another level with the specific objective
  of ensuring long term value to both employer and employee in the corporate world. 

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