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State of the Art Assessment


Ever had an unnerving encounter with tests, final exams or assessments at work? We understand that feeling, and have mastered the art of making the process painless and even enjoyable. That's why we run   on the cutting edge of assessment!


ProForm and its professional consulting services can help clients set up strategic assessments with potential for a positive return on investment. The individual attention and custom-built support we provide is intended to give organisations a competitive advantage - because top talent that is assessed, identified and retained, will positively impact on business results.


In reality, our competency assessments measure various attributes such as interpersonal styles, business persona, emotional intelligence, innovation profiles, business acumen, managerial styles, leadership skills, stress control, conflict management, team orientation, skills application, performance as well as work-sample behaviour. All of these interventions are dynamically developed and determine the disposition of an individual or team in a specific environment at a given point in time.


Proform's pioneering  Assessment Methodology  and customised modules are underlined by valid instruments which produce reliable results. Our multi-dimensional assessments are the prelude to the success of many HR applications, such as personnel selection, team building, performance management, change management, skills training and career guidance.


Rather than placing our clients in a traditional mould, we adopt an approach that is fresh, original and individualised. Our secret to success originates  from a strong hub of experience and expertise - in that we develop custom-made assessments for each single client, designed to meet their exact requirements through targeted, unparalleled results.


Whether screening selection candidates, developing human talent, appraising employee performance, assessing team functioning, examining behaviour or evaluating perceptions in the company, competency-based interventions are strategically designed to capture fundamental human attributes.


Assessment Modules applied in Selection Assessment, Skills Development, Team Management and Performance Appraisal:


·          Professional Persona

·          Business Acumen

·          Career Orientation

·          Interpersonal Skills

·          Innovation Profiles

·          Skills Preference

·          Management Style

·          Leadership Style

·          Team Roles

·          Influencing Styles

·          Motivational Dynamics

·          Emotional Intelligence

·          Conflict Management

·          Stress Management

·          Literacy and Numeracy

·          Corporate Surveys


In the final analysis, we believe our experience and expertise in the design and implementation of assessment instruments equip us to contribute significant value and benefits to client companies:


·          Better hiring and performance using validated assessments. 

·          Noticeable growth in capacity due to strategic interventions.

·          Better selection methodology and informed hiring decisions.

·          Advanced competency assessments and skills development.

·          Better performance managing through accurate appraisals.

·          Less training/development due to hiring capable personnel.

·          Improved team building  through active team assessments.

·          Dynamic individual, team and organisational development.

·          Successful job-profile match and  retention of personnel.

·          More competent personnel and improved productivity.

·          Less risk of employees filing legal hiring complaints.

·          Reduced staffing costs and increased profitability.



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