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without Enthusiasm.

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Merit in Excellence


Do   you  invest   in   the   special   set   of   skills,   experience   and characteristics that your employees bring to the workplace? ProForm is known to invest in human capital - we acknowledge diversities and embrace synergies. As a cutting-edge provider of unique HR solutions we help streamline strategic processes, such as assessment and hiring, talent management, skills  development, capacity building  as well as corporate  performance. To this end, our core areas of expertise are centred on:


Customised Assessment

Developing  and  implementing  tailor-made  assessment models for selection, performance and development purposes to ensure optimum use of talent in the organisation. This includes a variety of custom-built applications, such as psychometric, competency, behaviour and development assessments. With our expertise and capabilities, we pride ourselves in pioneering the way towards dynamic interventions and sustainable results.


Performance Appraisal

Assessing employees'  strengths and weaknesses  proportionate to specific knowledge areas, skills, abilities, competence and performance behaviours. In order to promote job enhancement and people development, performance appraisals are conducted on a 360-degree basis with specific focus on key competencies and competency evaluation.


Job Profiling

Compiling  specific job activities, competencies  and behaviours in order to support selection assessments together with  performance appraisals and skills development.


Team Building

Managing specific team interventions and select simulations, as well as group-dynamic games and assessments so as to encourage teams to work together skilfully.


Change Management

Transitioning  individuals  and  teams  from  a  current  state  to a desired future state, focusing on specific leadership styles and group dynamics that help transition people successfully. This includes explicit behavioural interventions that modify behaviour and build capacity with a view to change and integrate both people and systems in the organisation.


Corporate Climate and Culture Surveys

Examining    the    perceptions,    attitudes     and    behaviours    of employees in the workplace and translating diversities into synergy and compatibility.

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